Rotor blade testing

Why rotor blades have to be tested

Rotor blades have to withstand enormous loads. A permanent extremely dynamic load spectrum acts upon them during their many operating hours. Additionally, they are exposed to environmental conditions such as rain, moisture, temperature change, UVradiation as well as lightning and so on. Rotor blades are made of fibre composites, which make great demands on the production technology.

In case of blade damages high cost caused by repair and long downtime can arise quickly. A continuous blade monitoring in production and operation can work against these problems.

Condition based maintenance is the advised servicing concept. Initial damages can be discovered in time by regular inspections so that they can be repaired with little cost before they grow in an uncontrolled manner. Repairs can be planed, and downtimes can be minimized. In such a way, condition based maintenance ensures undisturbed operation of the turbine and decreases maintenance cost.

The expert has an extensive know-how in the technology of fibre composites. He has tested approximately 3500 sets of rotor blades; he has experience in rotor blade repair, surveillance of repair measures, and acceptance after production. Furthermore, he has a lot of experience in boat building and model building. Up to now, he is the only expert for rotor blades of wind energy turbines and fibre composites in the wind energy field who is proofed by the German IHK (chamber of industry and commerce) and officially appointed and sworn.