Access technology

The rotor blade inspections are carried out in each case with the optimal method depending on project and customer preference. Cost, set-up times and operation restrictions are determining. It is useful, for example, to check the rotor blades directly in the factory or before the installation at the ground of the building site. If several turbines have to be checked at the same place, the application of a mobile working platform is often advisable. For single turbines, access by industrial climbers or by self-propelling working platforms can be advantageous.

Access methods for high constructions require a great effort. For this reason the rotor blade expert cooperates with different institutes and associate partner in a research project to develop a robot system for the inspection of the rotor blades of wind energy turbines using thermography and ultrasonics. In a further research project he acts as an advisor for the development of a condition monitoring system for rotor blades.

First results are obtained in the field of thermography which gives insight into laminate and rotor blade structures in a non-destructive way.

  • on the ground (for example in the case of acceptance after production or before installation at the building site, repair monitoring at the building site or in the factory)
  • by industrial climbers
  • work lift / crane with working platform
  • self-propelling working platform

Rotor blade inspectionRotor blade inspection
Rotor blade inspection on the ground before installation at the building site

Repair monitoringRepair monitoring
Repair monitoring

Access by industrial climbersAccess by industrial climbersAccess by industrial climbers
Access by industrial climbers

Self-propelling working platformcrane with working platformDamage
Self-propelling working platform / crane with working platform

Wind turbine work listWind turbine work list
Wind turbine work list