The rotor blades will be tested non-destructively according to your requirements to check if they are free of defects.

The blade is visually inspected for air inclusions, cracks, lightning damages, erosion, delaminations, defective adhesive bonds and other quality problems. The condition of the sealings of flanges, lightning protection systems and additional aerodynamic parts will be documented. Existing rain deflectors as well as possible repairs are checked.

The interior of the blade in the root region is checked from the hub. Peculiar features which cannot be inspected visually can be examined by means of thermography, ultrasonics as well as special cameras or endoscopy.

The lightning protection system is checked by a state of the art measurement of the Ohmic resistance.

The defects are documented by photographs, and the state of the blades is documented in a detailed report and evaluated by the rotor blade expert.