Welcome to Sachverständigenbüro Otto Lutz

Otto Lutz has been active since 1999, in the business of the wind energy with primary focus on rotor blades. Previously, he gained on-the-job training of many years with fiber-reinforced composite application technique "strong-plang®" system, GRP (glass reinforced plastics) - boat construction, mock-up preparation and rotor blade repairs, both at home and abroad.

In 2001, he established in Stöckach a specialist office. Since 2005, he was publicly appointed and authorized appraiser by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Wuerzburg-Schweinfurt of "rotor blades for wind turbines".

His language skills are French, English and Spanish. Within his field of activities and appraisals of rotor blades are repair procedures, damage-free measurements with thermography and an independent presentation of evidence for the opinion of court. As an acting partner of InnoNet-Project "Robot for Examination of the Wind Turbines by means of Thermography and Ultrasound" and in cooperation with the research institutes, he is participating in the development of modern systems. Thus, he is also acting as an consultant of a research project for the development of conditionmonitoring systems for rotor blades.

Furthermore, Otto Lutz is engaged as a spokesman in the quality initiative of the Bundesverband Wind Energy for the better documentation and quality of rotor blades.